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I Am All That I Want To Be

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

“I Am” is known as the “lost word”, But it’s not a lost word, it is just a lost meaning. I am is power. It is what you believe to be truth and what you attach to. It has the power to limit or free you.

I am love. I am wealthy. I am health. I am spirit. I am plenty. I am divine. I am strength. I am genius. I am beauty. I am life. I am color. I am divine mind. I am energy. I am god. I am happy. I am law. I am open minded. I am young. I am strong. I am wise. I am wonderful. I am positive. I am determined. I am motivated. I am persistent. I am confident. I am thoughtful. I am tolerating. I am integrity. I am divine energy. I am success. I am the truth. I am good. I am that I am. I am mind. I am joy. I am 1 with God. I am perfect. I am peace. I am whole. I am grateful. I am secure. I am free. I am consciousness. I am awareness. I am mine. I am insight. I am a revelation. I am illumination. I am enlightenment. I am unlimited. I am harmony. I am prosperous. I am a magnet. I am gifted. I am responsible. I am vitality. I am radiant substance. I am light. I am the way. I am everything. I am alive. I am called. I am relaxed. I am divinely guidance. I am pure. I am awake. I am allowing. I am creative. I am blessed. I am worthy. I am blissful. I am beautiful. I am grace. I am focused. I am kindness. I am imagination. I am inspired. I am healthy. I am vibration. I am the universe. I am master of my destiny. I am what I desire to be.

What is “I am”?

It is YOUR true nature. It is the presence of God in YOU. It is all that you are and that you have. To know this, you have ALL power. You know your true identity.

God is I AM THAT I AM and myself is I Am. If I say “I am afraid”, I am destroying myself.

Every time we say “I am 1 with God”, we are improving our life. Every time I refuse to be bullied by fear and put my trust in God, I am lengthening my life.

My “I am” ness is what I attach too and become. I will resurrect theses qualities that lay dormant in me. When you say “I am”, you are announcing the presence of God within you (as explained in the 3rd chapter of exodus). It means pure being, awareness, unconditioned consciousness, life, self originating spirit.

How often do you say “I am” in your day to day life? Think about it for a moment... I am so tired. I am broke. I am stressed. I am bloated. I am in debt. I am overweight. I am still single. I am lost. I am depressed. I am always sick. I’m in pain…

“I Am” is the name of God in the Bible. “I Am” is the presence of God within you. It is a pure being, awareness, unconditioned consciousness, universe, all creating power, source of love. When we say “I AM” we are calling on that power in us to create our reality. I am is your true identity! Watch what it is you’re identifying with and how it is playing out in your life. When we say “I am stressed out”, that’s what we are identifying with in that moment and attaching to, but who in their right mind wants to attach to stress and make that who they really are??? NO ONE!

Someone told me I was really good at business years ago and I chose to believe it and started telling myself “I am a strong and successful entrepreneur” and stopped telling myself “I am stupid because I didn’t even go to college, I guess ill just be a stay at home mom” <~ as if that’s any easier lol.

I am super healthy. I am beautiful. I am funny as hell. I am fun. I am joyful. I am encouraging. I am an AMAZING mom. I am a fun, encouraging and sexy wife. I am a loyal and loving friend. I am a successful business woman. I am the owner of a thriving boutique. I am a multi layer entrepreneur. I am a difference maker. I am a healer. I am an empath. I am consciously awake. I am loving. I am worthy. I am greatness. I am an artist. I am a dancer. I am intuitive. I am a student of life. I am a lover of God. I am all that I am.

What are you going to attach to today? What is your true identity? Stop wasting your life attaching to low level fears and create the beautiful and worthy life that is literally waiting right in front of you. You are worthy, beautiful, deserving, full, abundant, pure… start believing it and create it for yourself.

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